St. Clement’s Breakfast Guarantee – Fresh Bread, Coffee and More

What sets St. Clement Ottawa Bed & Breakfast apart, other than our friendly hospitality, is the breakfast. When we have guests stay with us we are committed to giving them the best experience possible. This means comfortable, clean accommodation and good food.

We believe it is important to start the day off right, and what better way to do so than with a nutritious, delicious meal. We take pride in serving food that is on par, if not better, than most restaurants you’ve ever been to. It starts with sourcing the freshest ingredients. We work closely with local Ottawa farmers and retailers to ensure we put only the best ingredients on the table. To give you an idea, we are very selective in everything we pick – from the best salt and pepper to the best bread flour and the best orange juice.

When it comes to preparation, we use only the best equipment and hire the best cooks. Our kitchen is managed by Lisa who is an Ottawa native and has been working in the restaurant industry for 35 years as a cook. We purchased our own coffee roaster and grinder to process our special St. Clement Ottawa blend. Moreover, our kitchen is equipped with only the finest bread making machines to make our own breads and baked goods every single day. To us, every little detail matters.

We pay special attention to guests who require special care in their diet. We offer vegetarian and vegan options, gluten free options, and halal options. If one of our guests has a food allergy, we do our best to accommodate their needs. One thing we do not compromise on is the quality of food and the freshness of the ingredients. We believe that a special diet shouldn’t mean your meal lacks in taste. We exert every effort to devise meals that taste good and meet dietary restrictions.

Our guarantee to you is that your breakfast will be just as memorable as your stay at St. Clement.

Take some time to read what our customers have said about us:

“We picked St. Clement for the location but got more than we bargained for!! What a delight the breakfast was and the staff even helped us organize our tour at Parliament Hill!! We hope to stay at St. Clement again the next time we’re in Ottawa!!”

“We are a family of four who stayed at St. Clement B&B. It was our first time in Ottawa and St. Clement was fantastic in regards to the location, accommodation, and food. When you’re traveling with two young children it can be hectic but our stay at St. Clement was very relaxing. Thank you so much!”

“I am a vegetarian and told them when I made my reservation. What I didn’t expect was how delicious everything was! If they served lunch and dinner I would have no reason to find a restaurant..!!”